Weekly Update: Kerboo Football Sweepstake Update, Audit Season Update & Top Tips

It’s been a busy week! This update has links to calq’s latest webinar, an update to our Audit Season, and some suite top tips.

Audit Season Update

Last week we launched the Action Bar Everywhere update. Gone are the massive boxes for reports and advanced search (they have been handily moved to the Advanced search modal) leaving us with more space to focus on the thing you are here for, the links!

The Action bar is designed to quickly show you what information you are seeing and you can easily add and remove filters

| Audit | Kerboo 2016-06-15 10-17-59

The running total of the updates launched in Audit Season:

  1. Visual Refresh
  2. New List Layout
  3. Info Panels
  4. Email Notifications Settings
  5. Conflicting List Information
  6. Bigger & Better Info Boxes
  7. Refreshed Profile List
  8. Action Bar Everywhere
  9. HINT: Changes are afoot in the graphing area….

Watch Hannah Thorpe’s calq webinar

On Monday 13th June, we hosted a webinar with Hannah Thorpe, White.net’s Head of SEO, for a pragmatic approach to the idealistic view of the dream customer experience. Watch the webinar and read the full blog post here.

Hannah Thorpe

Charity Football Sweepstake

We hope you’re all enjoying the Euros! No knock-outs yet with highlights so far including: Iceland’s goal against Portugal, England’s win against Wales (not great when I have Wales!), and Irish fans just being ace. I also spotted this great statistic from the Telegraph: If you’re aged between 20 and 40, are Male and Icelandic, you have a one in 2000 chance of being in the Iceland Euro 2016 squad!

Here are the standings so far.


Top Tips

1. Layer up Advanced Filters in the Action Bar in Audit to find the links your looking for.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 10.19.20

2. Use Monitor to look after your removals process

Add the links in your Removals list in Audit to your Monitor List (by selecting the monitor symbol next to the link, or using the bulk action functionality) you’ll then be notified when each link has been successfully removed.

Screenshot 2016-06-20 10.21.39

3. Adding links into Audit and then adding to the Investigate list will allow the system to check the location of the link.

When you import the Investigate list from Audit, Investigate is able to search the sites for the link location on the specific page. However, if you were to directly copy and paste links into Investigate, you will able to cycle through the sites, but it will be only on a domain level instead of a URL level. This is why we recommend you paste your links into Audit, then import them from there.

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