Latest Updates

Disable link finding in Investigate Mode

If you’re using Investigate Mode to review links for appropriateness or quality rather than link removals, you can now disable link finding.

Added on June 12, 2017

New additions to Deliverables!

Three new reporting CSVs can now be found in your Deliverables zip folder. You’ll now receive your profile’s Top 20 anchor text report, and details of the top link to and link locations.

Added on June 05, 2017

Status codes explained

When viewing the status code report in Backlink analysis, we’ll now show you what those codes mean.

Added on June 05, 2017

Root domain now featured in CSV downloads

When you download link data from your Backlink Analysis profile, you’ll now see a column in the CSV for root domain information.

Added on May 04, 2017

Use investigation commentary as disavow notation

You can now set the comments made whilst investigating links as your disavow notation by simply ticking a box in Investigate Options.

Added on May 04, 2017

Link Monitoring is now part of Backlink Analysis

With direct integration, monitoring your links is now much faster and easier to manage

Added on April 13, 2017

Batch email sending in Outreach & CRM

If you’re working on a large outreach campaign, set your emails to send out in batches in a responsible and sensible pace, ensuring they get to your contacts at the best time.

Added on February 27, 2017

Site Investigation is now part of Backlink Analysis

With direct integration, Investigating your links is now much faster because it means no more importing and exporting.

Added on February 07, 2017

Link & Combine Email Addresses in Outreach & CRM

Have multiple emails for a contact? You can now link these details in for your contacts in Outreach & CRM.

Added on January 30, 2017

Saved Searches in Backlink Analysis

You can now save your complex filter searches so you can use them again and again.

Added on January 23, 2017

Compressed Downloads!

From today all downloads on Backlink Analysis are compressed for quicker and smaller file size.

Added on January 23, 2017

Gmail Quick Actions

You can now quickly jump to your project without having to open the email in Gmail.

Added on January 23, 2017

Outreach & CRM - New CSV Upload Enhancements

We’ve improved the CSV upload functionality for contacts in Outreach in CRM to include fields for “Last Contacted” and “Contact Form URL”.

Added on January 17, 2017

The Kerboo 2017 link guidance whitepaper

You can grab your copy of the Kerboo link guidance guide today, with information on the best way to remain protected and some notes on the recent Penguin update.

Added on January 17, 2017

Attach Multiple Search Console Accounts & New Accounts Look

One of the most requested features from our agency partners, you can now connect multiple search console accounts to Kerboo AND we've given Accounts a bit of a design refresh.

Added on January 17, 2017

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