We have been working hard to continue to improve our algorithm and listening carefully to the feedback from our customers about areas where a tweak would make it even better. This now culminates with us today launching the latest LinkRisk Dance.

A LinkRisk Dance is our way of delivering a major scoring update and giving you an explanation of what we have changed.

We like to give each update that we do a name and for amusement as much as memorability we like to choose someone well known in the SEO or link building industry to name them after. Our first dance was named after the mighty Dixon Jones of MajesticSEO.

What has changed?

This update has been designed to concentrate on getting more accurate around the detection of profile spam and we are looking much closer into the patterns of volume activity.

The other major update being pushed with this scoring change is that we now take into account more signals from the history of the domain and how it has been treated over the years. This ability comes from our ever increasing historical view of the sites we crawl and will continue to increase in its accuracy over time as the dataset continues to grow.

You are likely to see that when your profile rescans (selective rescanning will also be released soon, for those who have asked for it) your profile scores may change in line with this increase in accuracy.

So, because this is an update partially focussed on history and profile spam we thought someone who has been around long enough to have played with Xrumer in the past might be a good choice for the naming.

The Nick Garner Update

We have therefore named this the “Nick Garner” update. Nick is a well respected and highly thought of member of the Gaming SEO community and I am sure has seen a fair amount of profile spam in the serps over the years, those gaming boys liked to push!