The Caper 2019 - A stupid race for charity to launch our new product.

It’s been a little quiet on the blog recently but that is about to change because we’ve got something new launching in the Kerboo family soon and to celebrate, we are heading to BrightonSEO!

But rather than get the train to BrightonSEO, we thought we’d make a challenge out of it (and try and raise some money for charity) so we’d like to introduce you to The Caper

That’s right, on the 12th of September #teamhodge and #teampaul will leave the grounds of Martin House Children’s Hospice in ‘decorated’ £250 cars and race to Paris completing challenges along the way, the more challenges you win, the bigger the head start the next day for the race to BrightonSEO!

You can find out more info at and learn how you can get involved!