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Alan Bleiweiss, Alan Bleiweiss Consulting

“As an on-site SEO auditor, I’ve always previously only looked at a sampling of inbound links. The tools I’ve tried previously have been “somewhat” helpful. Kerboo changes the game. Automated link scoring is okay, however the large range of additional features Kerboo provides for manual review, which is critical to this work, and link clean-up, are, by far, the best I’ve experienced. It’s now a key tool in my audit arsenal.”


James Crawford, PR Agency One

“We use Kerboo as a managed service. Often our clients appoint us to acquire links and support their search visibility but building links to a website with a bad link profile is often a waste of time so the first thing we like to do is a link audit and a disavow if necessary. Technical SEO is not one of our core service lines so we need help and support to analyse link profiles and expert recommendations on building a disavow file. This is where Kerboo comes in… We also have Kerboo on a monthly retainer fee to monitor for any bad links that appear from time to time so we can disavow them on an ongoing basis. Then there is the Peek Outreach tool which is perfect for identifying new linking opportunities. I wholeheartedly recommend any PR agency to get in touch with the Kerboo team to find out how they can support them.”


Dixon Jones, Majestic

“There have been a few tools coming out on the market since the first Penguin – but I have to say that Kerboo wins right now for me on ease of use and intuitive accuracy. They can cut the time it takes to analyse and root out your bad links from days to minutes and now that you can just plug in any paid Majestic account, you do not even need to upload link lists if you don’t want to. I know some of the beta testers in this tool… they don’t want you to have it! If you have a link profile problem, Kerboo will be a major breath of fresh air for you.”


Samantha Noble, Koozai

“Koozai have been using Kerboo since it was launched and it has now formed part of our SEO process; all the team are using it for all our clients. The tool gives you the ability to not just audit links but also monitor for any changes to your overall link profile and at the same time check for any ranking correlations. The latest addition to the suite, Peek, is like gold dust to the Outreach Team. They can now find the right person to contact for sites across the web in a quick and seamless process. Finally, the service and responsiveness you receive from the Kerboo team is second to none. I haven’t worked with a supplier previously who acts on recommendations so quickly. It’s safe to say, the Koozai team love Kerboo!”


Daniel Bianchini, White

“Since using Kerboo, our link auditing process has become a lot smarter and more efficient. With Kerboo’s easy to use Litmus scoring and visualisation of the data, explaining to clients the state of their current link profile has never been easier.”


Adam Miller, Datadial

“Been working through reviewing links and marking ones to include in the disavow rather than downloading and doing this in excel as your tool is easier. Love the tool, well worth the money!”


Yousaf Sekander, Rocket Mill

“Auditing large link profiles is a labour intensive & time consuming task which can quickly become a headache. Kerboo’s automated technology provides valuable insight allowing you to identify harmful links quickly and efficiently.”


Andy Morley, The Web Design Group

“Kerboo has really helped speed up the process of auditing and monitoring our clients link profiles, we have tried other link monitoring tools but Link Risk has been the best we’ve found. It is also great for identifying new link opportunities. The interface is really easy to use and packed with features, I especially like how easy it is to build a disavow file. I really like the “donut” visual representation of the link profiles, they give our monthly reporting the professional look.”


David Taylor, Coffeepot Digital

“When carrying out Reconsideration Requests for our clients, Kerboo is an essential part of the toolkit. The Link Review tool is so intuitive, and allows us to manage the project quickly and effectively. The integration with all the top line link tools like MajesticSEO means we can get the data we need quickly, and spend our time doing the work that matters. With a 5-day turnaround from submission to successful retraction on our first Reconsideration Request using Kerboo, you can bet we’ll be sticking with it.”


Adam Brown, Zazzle Media

“Manually reviewing links HAS to be a part of any backlink audit or removal process. Kerboo scores have proved to be much more on point compared to other tools whilst also offering a speedy and more convenient way to manually review every link. The automatic data import allows us to stay on top of our client’s link profile with weekly imports. Kerboo helps us look after our clients as well as get them out of penalties!.”


Liam Shepherd, Coast Digital

“Not only has Kerboo saved us time & resources when auditing our clients’ link profiles, but it has also supported us in justifying the importance of resolving any potential risks to our clients.”


Alex Mungo, Go Mungo SEO

“Kerboo is a great tool to use for a more efficient and easier way to audit your back link profile. It also provides useful up to date analysis on websites you are linked from presenting accurate data to allow you to make informed decisions during the link audit process. The integration with webmaster tools was very useful to us especially with importing and exporting disavowed links to one centrally managed identifiable file. Thanks Paul for all your assistance too.”

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