Deconstruct highly successful content to discover what made it a success. Use Prospect Gathering to reveal the influencers behind that success and move seamlessly to an outreach campaign for your next project.

Prospect gathering

Explore popular workflows with Prospect Gathering

Competitive content review and link monitoring

Use Prospect Gathering to deep dive into competitor’s successful content and deconstruct what made it a success, revealing influencers and opportunities for competitive link building.

Prospect gathering

Content & Content PR strategy development

Using backlink profile details from successful content, develop your content and content PR strategy from content brief to setting your PR KPIs.

Prospect gathering

Growing a lists of influencers and content publishers for projects

Grow and curate a list of influencers and content publishers and outreach to them seamlessly.

Prospect gathering
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Kerboo is trusted by thousands of websites across the globe to protect and promote their organic performance. Our world class suite of applications help our customers protect and improve sites ranging from 100 links to 100 million links and more.

  • Diagnose and repair link related issues.
  • Manually review sites at speed individually or as a team.
  • Monitor and track the success of links or coverage gained.
  • Quickly gather prospect contacts via sites or keyword search.
  • Discover and build relationships with influencers as part of your marketing strategy.


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