Find opportunities to outreach within Site Hunting or build a list for removals outreach within Backlink Analysis. Furnish that list with additional contact information automatically. Outreach by email, contact form or social account. Build projects and use your own emails and social accounts within those projects. Work with the responses to move projects forward. Record tags, notes, tasks and see every email for each contact in one simple view. Share with members of your team.

Explore popular workflows with Outreach & CRM

Easily import contacts from any source

Pull in contacts from our Backlink Analysis or Site Hunting apps or paste in contacts from external media lists or any data source. Connect will add extra information for each contact including names, social presence and related sites.

Create boilerplate templates

Build unlimited templates to make building an outreach campaign quick and easy. Include dynamic content like example links or name placeholders to make each email unique.

Send using your own email and social accounts

Pull emails in from your own email mailboxes using IMAP. Use a different email account for each project. Add a Twitter account and interact with contacts by public tweet or direct message.

Send outreach campaigns to your contacts

Email, submit contact forms, tweet or DM. Contact your prospects in whatever way helps build the relationship. Manage all the responses and follow up where and when it counts.

Run link removal outreach projects with ease

Identify the links you want to remove in Backlink Analysis. Pull them into a project in Connect and send each a customised email with example links included. Review the responses and disavow the domains in Backlink Analysis who won’t remove or don’t respond directly from within Connect.

See a global view of every contact

View a complete contact record including every email, tweet and note and across every project and user on your account. Record unlimited attributes for every contact and tag each contact with tags that help organise and drive your outreach success.

Follow up when it matters most

Set tasks and reminders or query the contact data to follow up when the time is right. Never forget an opportunity again.

Follow up when it matters most

Build relationships with influencers easily over time

Contact, tag, make notes, follow up… Slowly build a relationship with each influencer and set tasks and reminders to make sure you foster that relationship over time for mutual benefit.

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Why should I use Kerboo?

Kerboo is trusted by thousands of websites across the globe to protect and promote their organic performance. Our world class suite of applications help our customers protect and improve sites ranging from 100 links to 100 million links and more.

  • Diagnose and repair link related issues.
  • Manually review sites at speed individually or as a team.
  • Monitor and track the success of links or coverage gained.
  • Quickly gather prospect contacts via sites or keyword search.
  • Discover and build relationships with influencers as part of your marketing strategy.


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