Understanding and correcting link profile issues is the key to maintaining and promoting organic visibility. Backlink Analysis provides an intuitive interface to understand and correct issues. It helps protect you from future issues and allows you to explore and exploit opportunities within your rivals link profile.


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Quickly diagnose and solve link problems

Kerboo quickly aggregates together multiple link data sources to provide an unparalleled view of the total link profile. Hundreds of factors are analysed and each link is scored with our market leading LinkRisk score. Our intuitive interface allows users to quickly audit even the largest profiles. Produce a ‘Google ready’ disavow file. Outreach to remove the worst links and track the best links to make sure the profile stays within Google’s guidelines.

Protect and insure your sites against future problems

Every day Kerboo pulls newly discovered links into your profile. We crawl them to verify their details and gather the signals required to give them a LinkRisk score. You can quickly and easily spot problematic links as they appear and neutralise the problem before it occurs. If you care about your sites and they are important to you, Backlink Analysis helps keep you safe from negative SEO and a build up of risky links.

Manually review links faster than ever

Review sites quicker than ever before and all within the browser. No need for external tools like Excel. Work quickly by yourself or in collaboration with your team to efficiently review sites. Produce meaningful reports for your company or clients and send all those opinions back into your Kerboo profile to produce a disavow file or outreach for removals.


Explore competing sites links to find opportunities for you

Dive into competing sites link profiles to see where their best links come from. Use that insight to produce new opportunities for your sites. Outreach to their best link partners. Spy on every new link they get and understand how they are marketing their site.

Explore competing sites links to find opportunities for you
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Kerboo is trusted by thousands of websites across the globe to protect and promote their organic performance. Our world class suite of applications help our customers protect and improve sites ranging from 100 links to 100 million links and more.

  • Diagnose and repair link related issues.
  • Manually review sites at speed individually or as a team.
  • Monitor and track the success of links or coverage gained.
  • Quickly gather prospect contacts via sites or keyword search.
  • Discover and build relationships with influencers as part of your marketing strategy.


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