Quick ways to spot a competitors best links

It's often a good idea to review your competitors link profiles and see what opportunities there might be for you and your profile. Often your competitors link profiles contain some great pointers for links you may be missing on your profile but like all link review tasks its hard to see the wood for the trees.


Today we will look at some very quick and easy ways of finding opportunities in your competitors links.


In Kerboo we have some really easy ways to isolate and segment the best links in a profile using our two metrics LinkRisk and LinkValue.  


By looking at a competitors link profile its easy to filter down and just look at the links that are either rated as 3-5 on the LinkValue scale or Low risk or Good on the LinkRisk scale. Its in these sections that you’ll see the links either contributing the most to the ranking of the competitor or the best sites that link in.


Once you have identified the best links or the best sites that link its important to then work out the viability of those links and to categorise them for further use.


Task one - what links can you copy?

  • How many of the sites identified could also link to your site and how likely is it that they would?
  • What steps can you take to get those links?


Task two - what types of links do these represent?

  • If you cant get the exact link do the sites you’ve identified represent a type of link or a type of site which you haven’t already considered in your marketing plans?
  • Perhaps there are links to your competition from organisations or government agencies that you dont also have - are there equivalent ones you could copy?


Gather up all the opportunities and add them to your marketing tasks and your little book of link targets. You have a little book of link targets you constantly fill right ?

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