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Comprehensive backlink audit

At Kerboo we have the combined experience of tens of thousands of link audits to help you understand and organise any size of link profile.

3rd Party Monitoring

Make sure that external agencies or internal departments are all providing the work they report. Get independent insight into the quality and risk of that work.

Disavow Management

Maintaining and updating a comprehensive disavow file is key to protecting a sites organic visibility. Kerboo can produce your initial disavow and keep it updated each month.

Monthly Link Management

Kerboo can maintain your disavow file each month, audit all new links and provide reporting and actionable tasks for every issue.

Link Removals

Whilst disavowal can negate the risk a link poses often its a good idea to try to get the link removed entirely. Kerboo can create a removals list and then do the outreach work to request removal, updating the profile and disavow accordingly.

Penalty Recovery

Kerboo has rescued thousands of sites from Google manual action penalties. We can diagnose the cause and take all the steps to get the penalty removed whilst also putting in place workflows to prevent the issue from ever happening again.

Custom Reporting

Kerboo can provide any relevant reporting to help your digital marketing projects. Link activity, competitive insight, marketing success or any other aspect can be reported to your team each month.

Data Services

Need to find important content or people in a niche? Want to complete a meta study on a market and need data to support that project? Kerboo can help mine our ocean of data to help.


Get direct access to our experts to help you set up and run important digital marketing projects. Whether its building a team, defining a strategy or diagnosing and correcting a problem Kerboo can help.

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