Award Winning Metric

Our award winning LinkRisk metric is designed to allow users to see where the risks are in their link profiles. The metric is tuned to identify links that exhibit what Google call ‘an intent to manipulate’ and provides the best possible guide for people wishing to create a disavow file to negate those risks.

Our LinkRisk score runs from 1-1000 with 1 being very low risk and 1000 being a very high risk. Each link is given a score of 500 initially and then the algorithm will move that score up or down as it detects issues.

Large Disavow Database

When you create a profile in Kerboo we recrawl all the linking domains from the profile, both to check the information as it appears today but also to gather more than 150 signals from each crawled site. These signals are then move into our scoring box and over 125 rulesets are run across the data to create the final LinkRisk score.

The LinkRisk algorithm is aware of a huge number of potential signals and flags. At Kerboo we also have over 5 years of historical user data to help qualify any score that the system generates, we have the opinions of tens of thousands of seo’s as they work within the system and we have arguably the largest disavow database outside of Google.