Link audit service

Audit your backlinks easily

Link Audit

Kerboo offer the ability to audit any size of link profile either by allowing clients to self serve via our SaaS product or by contracting our team to do the work for you. Our team has years of experience in auditing link profiles ranging from a few hundred links up to tens of millions of links.

The process of conducting a link audit is a time intensive one and needs to be done by someone who both understands the issues to look for and also has an appreciation for the commercial impact of any decisions made.

Our team will identify the strengths, weaknesses and risks in any link profile. We isolate the links that have the ability to pass value or risk and then each linking domain is reviewed by a human as well as being given one of our award winning metrics, LinkRisk and LinkValue.

If you’d like to explore outsourcing this vital business process to our talented team then get in touch and we can explain more about the process and costs involved.

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