Latest Update: A new LinkValue metric

Today we are excited and proud to release the latest innovation from Kerboo, LinkValue.

In recent times it has become increasingly obvious that comparing link profiles based on metrics provides only part of the picture. So much of what we see in those metrics is probably now no longer counted by Google.

For the last 5 years, Kerboo has been the best way to try to see the potential risk in your link profile via our award-winning LinkRisk metric, it does an amazing job of trying to show you where the intent and therefore risk is. What the LinkRisk metric is unable to do is to easily show you what links still count and how much they may count, that's where LinkValue comes in.

The problem

Traditionally as SEO's we would look at two link profiles and use metrics like Majestics TrustFlow or Moz DA / PA to try to make a comparison. The issue with this approach is that Google now hides so much of the real picture from us. From raw link metrics, we cant see if one of the sites has done a cleanup and disavow (thereby negating some of the link value) and we can't see if Google have discounted any of the links through the action of Real-Time Penguin or because they no longer trust the linking domains.

Traditional link metrics are too blunt, they cant see the true picture.

The solution

At Kerboo we have a unique set of data that nobody else on the planet, outside of Google, can see. We have arguably the largest disavow database outside of Google and we have the human opinions of tens of thousands of SEO's on the sites they have audited through our tool. Add to that the learning algorithm from 9.5 billion links score for their LinkRisk and we have a lot to work with.

What LinkValue does is: -

We take a raw link value calculation for the equity we see in any given link.

We then modify that slightly based on things that only we know about that domain.

Next, we discount some of the value that the link has based on: -

  • Removing some of the value for links where they have been heavily disavowed by other users in Kerboo (an internal metric we call PropensityToDisavow which correlates closely to the intent of users historically to abuse sites for link value).
  • We also remove some of the value of links based on the crowdsourced human opinions built up by Kerboo users. Every time a user gives an opinion in our Investigate mode the system tallies this up anonymously against the domain and this wealth of human opinion allows us to train and modify the value that link should pass.
  • We then use some of the core of our LinkRisk algorithm to form a 'Penguin Proxy' which allows us to discount the value of any links that display enough 'intent to manipulate' that Google may be ignoring or removing some of their value.

This gives every link in your profile a score from 0 to 5.


How you can use this new metric

There is no other way that you can see the true value of your links, some ways this can be used include: -

  • Revealing the links in your profile that actually pass the majority of the value and using that information for insight to others and as a guide on what links you should be trying to protect and grow.
  • Comparing multiple link profiles to understand your comparative net LinkValue.
  • Mining competitor's link profiles for their most powerful links and then adding these to your marketing campaigns too.


We are hugely proud of this latest release, this is a metric that leverages our unique data in a way that nobody else can.


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