Account Management

These recurring subscription bolt-ons can be purchased from Account Management section in Kerboo, within the Modify Package area.

Link Monitoring Credits
If you’re regularly short on Link Monitoring credits, you’ll now be able to purchase a Link Monitoring Credits bolt-on to your package.

If you need just one more user adding to your package, but have already reached your limit, you’re now able to purchase a User Bolt-On. This bolt-on goes hand-in-hand with the closure of a small loophole in the system: As Kerboo is designed around each user being unique for task management and allocation, each account will now need to have enough users for every person working within Kerboo. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager if you have any queries about this – I would be more than happy to organise a quick screen-share with you to help you organise your team’s user logins.

Users are now also able to buy Project Bolt-Ons if they require additional projects to Backlink Analysis.

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