Disavow service

Create a disavow file to protect your site

Maintaining Disavow

Maintaining an active disavow file remains the only sure way of insuring your brand against manual actions from Google. It also allows you to turn off links that could contribute to a pattern of ‘intent to manipulate’ and prevents poor quality and off topic links from diluting your website’s theme and trust.

The act of auditing any sites backlink profile allows you to clearly understand more about the quality and strength of links as a signal and to identify risks that need attention.

Completing an initial audit and then maintaining the disavow file as new links are discovered is a task that requires an experienced eye and a regular allocation of time and resources. The team at Kerboo have all the tools and expertise needed to be able to do this task for you.

Our team can do the initial audit and then each month they will review all new links, highlight issues and update your disavow file for you.

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