COMING TOMORROW: Dashboard update

Your Kerboo Dashboard is getting an update tomorrow, bringing together projects inline in one central place.

Scheduled downtime: To launch this update we will need to turn off profile creation abilities tomorrow morning – Tuesday from 9AM til 1PM BST.

This update is the third big part of our internal development to increase speed and interoperability between our main use cases, removing the idea of separate applications and focusing more on which problems can we help you solve.
This update also provides a base for more exciting developments later this year.

What’s changed? 

Backlink Analysis profiles are now projects.

How you create projects has been updated
You’ll now give a project a “main aim” which will then lead you directly to the area of the suite required once you click begin:

Your new project will then show in your Project List – here you’ll see all your existing projects and some quick stats:

You’ll be able to transfer your project to other users on the team and delete the project by clicking on the settings cog:

We’re really excited about this update and the foundation it lays for upcoming launches!

Keep an eye on our socials and blog to know when it’s been launched. If you had any questions or queries about any of the above, or would like to schedule a catch up to review any updated workflows, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager.

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