Let’s look at a typical brand timeline and see how Kerboo fits in

Initial Audit

Understand your complete link profile. Easily identify both good and bad links and take simple steps to negate the risk and safeguard the best links. Manually review thousands of sites in your profile quickly and easily. Complete a Google ready disavow file.

Clean up and disavow

Make sense of the data with simple to understand lists. Create targets for link removal outreach. Contact site owners to request removal. Audit and build a comprehensive disavow file for Google.

Ongoing Protection

See new links as they appear. Review those links quickly and easily. Update your disavow file to stay protected. Insure your site against negative SEO.

Monitoring and Campaign Tracking

Define links that you want to track. Provide context on why you want to track any given link. Kerboo will alert you to important changes to those links. Track the activity of competitors and be alerted if they copy your marketing efforts.

Competitive intelligence

Track the performance of key competitors. See what new links and coverage they gain. Understand their best links and target them too. Monitor their rankings and link loss to better understand and compete.

Outreach and discovery

Find the right partners to help you gain influence and visibility in your market. Qualify the right people and move quickly to engage with the right influencers. Build strong long term relationships and reinforce your position as an authority within your niche.

External agency monitoring

Use our toolset to maintain clear and easy visibility of the activity of all external agencies. Track their impact and see the activity to ensure a co-ordinated and professional approach to your combined marketing efforts.

Kerboo helps your workflow every step of the way.

Our award winning toolset helps you protect the properties you care about and powers their digital marketing and visibility. Used by brands all over the world, with by internal teams working alone or for brands working with external agency support.

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