Audit Control Panel & MajesticSEO Offer

Audit has some pretty big features coming in the next few months but one of the smaller features we’ve been working on is now ready to Go Live!

The Profile Control Panel is the new button to manage exports, imports and lots more within your profile.

Audit Control Panel


What’s Different

We’ve added more export options (you can now export lists easily).

Adding additional data to your profile.

Manage the disavow of your profile, upload a disavow file and see how it affects your score, download a formatted file based on your disavow list.

Rescans are now opt in, you can select if you want a rescan to happen on your profile each month and if you’ve done some major changes on the profile. you can request a rescan now.

This is a major change for us, you now dont have to delete that profile to prevent it rescanning, you can just opt out!

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 13.38.39

For now we’ve just moved the score history panel to this area but this is the foundation of a complete history of your profile, what was uploaded when and what actions have happened.

Transfer the profile between your accounts.

Why would you want to do this…

Whilst this is just a UI update to some folk, we spent a lot of time testing to make sure that our interface is simple, clean and powerful. This is one of those middle of the road updates to prepare for something a bit bigger.

MajesticSEO OpenApps Offer

We’ve long had an integration with MajesticSEO OpenApps, we do believe it’s one of the best resources for public link data on the internet and to encourage more people to use it, you get 10% extra link credits when you add data to a profile from MajesticSEO OpenAPPs.


Search_magician October 17, 2013

Audit Control Panel changes and a bonus @MajesticSEO Offer via @linkrisk

PaulDavidMadden October 17, 2013

RT @search_magician: Audit Control Panel changes and a bonus @MajesticSEO Offer via @linkrisk

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