Today we are rolling out the latest update to the award winning Kerboo LinkRisk algorithm. As you will have noticed from previous updates we always name these after someone in the industry. Today’s update is named LinkRisk Dance ‘Malcolm’.

Malcolm is Head of Technical SEO at Epiphany up here in Kerboo’s home town of Leeds. Malc has been in SEO since 2005 and it was his insight and knowledge that started the debate on this update to make our scoring even more accurate.

Heres a professional picture of Malc..

There will be a less professional one later in the post 🙂

What does this update cover?

Today the first change is that we are taking some time to change the way that we calculate the overall aggregate LinkRisk score for the whole profile. Previous to today the calculation took a proprietary voting system and worked out the average risk of the domains within the profile. The major change to that calculation from today is that we are no longer regarding those links or domains as neutral in their influence but actually removing their influence entirely.

You may therefore see a shift in the aggregate LinkRisk score when profiles are rescanned or run from today.

Other small updates that we are rolling out today.

We have some exciting work going on in the background at present to finalise the development of a new metric within the platform and this update will continue the process of opening up the path for that metric to be tested prior to launch.


And finally… we said there would be a less professional photo of Malc… Malc enjoys Cosplay (he and I are the same age and he calls me Grandad for mocking that hobby) but I couldn’t find any photos of him dressed as Spiderman so you’ll have to make do with this chap (I am not going to pretend I remember what character this is!)