Today we are rolling out the latest update to the award winning Kerboo LinkRisk algorithm. As you will have noticed from pervious updates we always name these after someone in the industry that we feel illustrates the main points in the update well.

Todays update is named LinkRisk Dance ‘MacDonald’

We named it after the always fun Mr Martin MacDonald. This update concentrates on the conversion of old rules into new best practice and Martin is a man who has adapted from Spam to global SEO leader with some style.

Here are some details of whats included in this update:

The way that we approach the changes to the algorithm is to look carefully at the results and gather reports from trusted customers on scores that seem out of line with what their experience would suggest. This is then divided up into two possible actions:

An inline tweak to the flags used within the scoring system.
These don’t require a major announcement and they happen nearly every day, it’s just refinements based on data that we see as its run.

A major change to the ruleset or an update to the infrastructure that we use to gather the scoring signals.
These require a LinkRisk Dance and a suggestion that most users should rescan their profiles if they feel they wish to take advantage of the new algorithm.

During the latest review of the ruleset it became clear that we had some legacy rules within the set that perhaps now needed to come out as newer and more sensitive rules had taken their place. So we have taken the ruleset and combined some rules and removed some in favour of a more granular and modern way of working. This change is Kerboo bringing the algorithm up to date and in line with the current view of the SEO world, it keeps us at the forefront of LinkRisk scoring and helps to maintain our position as the most trusted and accurate scoring system on the market.

Our recommendation is that you rescan profiles within your normal schedule rather than an immediate rescan as suggested with LinkRisk Dance ‘Marty’

Before you go… Here is a picture of our good friend Martin in classic form accepting an Emmy award… By accepting I mean stealing or possibly ‘borrowing’ at best. I believe alcohol and an afterparty may have been involved… as is normal for Mr MacDonald.

Happy Scanning!

Paul, Dom and the team.