Today we are rolling out the latest update to the award winning Kerboo LinkRisk algorithm. As you will have noticed from previous updates we always name these after someone in the industry. Today’s update is named LinkRisk Dance ‘Jesse’. We named it after Jesse McDonald of Geek Powered Studios in Austin as Jesse is a man who likes to get deeply immersed in all aspects of SEO and that’s what this update concentrates on.

What does this update cover?

This update comes after the recent launch of the Google Penguin 4 announcement. For those unsure of how important that update is, read our in-depth analysis of the impact here.

Following the update, we spent the weekend looking at the impact as we saw it and what we anticipate its impact will be long term. This has allowed us to make certain changes to the way the LinkRisk score is calculated in Kerboo to make us more sensitive towards links that could be devalued by Google, moving them into the suspect or bad categories more often within Kerboo.

LinkRisk is not just an indicator of the risk of any one link to contribute towards a penalty from Google but also incorporates a view of the risk of that link not passing value due to factors like Penguin.

This update also further strengthens the link between our score and the disavow data we have. We believe Kerboo holds the largest disavow database outside of Google and as such that data is strongly influencing the score that your links gets within Kerboo.

Finally, this update allows us to change some of the mechanics behind the scenes and introduces a channel for our managed service team to contribute to the score of domains as they actually audit the link for another profile.

We continue to work to give you the best metrics you can find for the analysis of link quality and risk anywhere.

Here is Jesse on the day that Penguin 4 was announced!

How will this update impact my existing LinkRisk scores

Whilst this is a big update, we expect that its impact will be more apparent as more information is fed to the scoring algorithm over time. As such, and much like Penguin itself, the LinkRisk score will be updated by us recrawling the links in question. You can do that by means of a rescan (contact us for help if you need it).