Its been a little while since we released a major update to our scoring algorithm, the reason for that is that we have been working hard to ‘bake in’ some of the external inputs that we have to the way we score.

Normally we produce these updates to the algorithm that defines your LinkRisk score by looking at the results we give and the ever changing landscape of organic search and making changes that allow us to hone down or become more granular in a particular area. This typically leads to us releasing a LinkRisk dance and naming the update after someone in the industry who we associate with one of the elements that we are targeting.

Today sees the release of the first major algorithm update where we name it after someone who works here at LinkRisk.

As a company we help people clean up and manage their link profile both by people using our platform to manage the process themselves and also through our managed service where our trained LinkRisk staff  audit and maintain your link profile for you.

The latest update that we are releasing today sees us take the work of that managed service team and including the learnings and patterns from that work to add that human derived knowledge into the algorithm.

This update is probably the biggest update we have ever done.

The update is named after Chris Higgins (nicknamed Chiggins in the office here).

Chris heads up the team that helps our customers to manage and clean their link profiles and has, over the past year, manually reviewed literally hundreds of thousands of links. All of that experience and pain is now baked into our scoring with this update.

We name these updates after the days when Google used to update their algorithm on a monthly basis and called it the Google dance.

If you have existing profiles that are not on automatic weekly or monthly rescans I would strongly suggest performing a manual rescan if you want to benefit from this update.

Its also important to note that today we are changing something fundamental in how we calculate the aggregate LinkRisk score for your profile so you’ll see those scores change on a rescan also. There is a separate blog post announcing that going live with this one so take some time to read that too.

As is tradition with a LinkRisk dance we like to have a bit of fun with the release, sometimes its an animation like the ‘Dixon Jones dance’ and sometimes its a photo of the person we are naming it after like the ‘Grehan Dance’ but because this is a staff member and, quite frankly, I don’t care if I offend him 🙂 this time we are pushing the boat out, I have searched his Facebook pictures and here is the one he likes …

And here is one he won’t …. 🙂

And here is a typical loop of Chris for the past 18 months ….. all day every day….. Unless we have a fire… (Note the fire marshall’s high vis with HIS NAME ON in pride of place on his chair! 🙂 )