Lets look at a typical agency timeline and see how Kerboo fits in

Looking for clients

Finding companies with the exact profile you need is easy with Kerboo. Trawl through millions of sites to find prospects and organise them into projects for your pitch or new business sales teams.

Begin the Pitch

Benchmark the current situation and risk profile as part of an integrated pitch process. Demonstrate insight and opportunity in an efficient and quick way. Take high impact visuals to help close business effectively.

The Initial audit & Cleanup

After an initial client win, get on top of their profile quickly and clean up, produce a disavow file and protect the client. Quickly put process in place to provide a safe and effective platform for ongoing marketing work.

Disavow Creation

Produce a Google ready disavow file quicker than any other tool and put in place an ongoing workflow to keep it updated

Ongoing link profile management

See every newly discovered link from multiple data sources. Act instantly to prevent issues and negate negative SEO concerns. Review the data both for clients and competitors periodically to provide insight and actionable reports.

Monitor and track campaigns

Monitor the links and coverage that have the highest influence on your clients success. Annotate and track changes. Set alerts to initiate action when things change.

Discovery and Outreach

Find new opportunities quickly and easily. Build and qualify lists of potential targets for outreach. Simply organise into projects and outreach all within the system. Build and track your relationship with influencers over time.

Kerboo helps your workflow every step of the way.

Kerboo has been designed to fit agency life. Kerboo slots into your existing way of working and provides a toolset that will help build your customer base, keep your existing clients and power their success for the long term. With new innovations, apps and features being added all the time Kerboo grows with you and adapts to changes in the fast moving digital marketplace.

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