The team

The Kerboo team is a tight knit family.

Dom Hodgson

Dom heads up our amazing development team as CTO.

Dom Hodgson is well known for the Think Visibility conference and other startup ventures, he speaks around the world on Search, Startups and Sweetshops and has won over 20 hack days. When Kerboo started as an internal tool, he built the prototype and now is in charge of making it scale to thousands of users.

Paul Madden

Paul looks after sales, marketing and heads up client services for Kerboo.

Paul is a well known face in UK SEO and has been making a living through his various businesses online for well over a decade. Paul speaks on a regular basis both in the UK, Europe and the USA and is known for his ability to scale businesses and remain on the forefront of where the industry is heading.

Dr Heather Hodgson

Dr. Heather Hodgson is chief data scientist and lead developer

Having helped build the prototype for Kerboo, Heather completed her Mathematics PhD at the University of Leeds and has since joined the Kerboo team full time working on our data processing and algorithmic system.

Andy Webb

Andy is one of our senior developers

Andy is a senior developer who works on our backend processing systems. When he’s not in work he enjoys riding his motorbike and tending for his two pet Tarantulas (Yes we are as freaked out as you by that news).

Danni Dawson

Danny supports our book keeping and accounts.

Danni runs the Kerboo accounts team and helps our customers with all invoicing and payment related queries.