About us

2012: The start of our journey.

Kerboo started out life as LinkRisk back in 2012 and was a reaction to the change in stance that Google showed us with the release of the first Penguin version and with the formalisation of the manual link penalty system.

We quickly established ourselves as the quickest and most accurate way of solving link related problems and helped thousands of sites navigate that transitional time.

2013: Growing fast and adding features

More features and a continued growth of our dataset. We also introduced our Investigate feature which was the first link audit product to take the user out of Excel and keep them within the browser.

To this day Investigate is relied on by customers all over the world as the most efficient way to review a set of links or domains and make decisions on what actions to take.

2014: Awards!

In 2014 LinkRisk won the Best SEO Software at the UK Search Awards which validated all the hard work we had put into building a product that met the needs of the industry. For a small focussed team we were immensely proud to come up against some of the worlds largest SEO platforms and take away the best SEO software award.

2015: More awards and features

In 2015 LinkRisk won the award for Best Search Software Tool at the UK Search Awards and we were nominated in multiple awards both in the UK, US and Europe.

2016: From LinkRisk to Kerboo

In 2016 we rebranded from LinkRisk to Kerboo to allow us to broaden the offering from just the risk of links to a wider view of the value and opportunities in your link profile.

2017: New metrics and further innovation

In 2017 Kerboo passed the billion links scored mark for our LinkRisk metric. We also innovated again to create the only metric capable of showing you the true value a link may pass. LinkValue uses the ocean of data that we hold and our understanding of what Google may ignore now to provide unique insight on which of your links actually pass real value.

2018: Building on our technical expertise

During 2018 we further enhanced our deep technical knowledge and infrastructure around the topic of links and the opportunities they afford. Revamping many of the elements that we have behind the scenes to make it easier for us to innovate again with our expansion plans into 2019

2019: Growing the family

During 2019 we will continue to innovate on Kerboo and we are introducing a number of smaller focussed products that help solve some of the challenges we see our customers face every month.

By leveraging both our IP, experience and close connection with our customers we hope to continue to work closely alongside the SEO industry to bring success together.

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