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Backlink audit software

Kerboo is used and trusted by search professionals to make the time intensive task of doing a link audit on your backlink profile as painless as possible. Using our award winning backlink audit software you can combine multiple link data sources into one true view of the links pointed at your site. Our tools and interface make it easy for you to explore the profile and our LinkRisk and LinkValue metrics make segmenting and identifying risks and opportunities easy.

No link audit is complete without some human interaction and site review but the Kerboo Investigate mode makes light work of manually reviewing thousands of sites in your browser, you can even work collaboratively as a team to get the job done efficiently. Get out of Execl and in to our backlink audit software.

Complete overview of links and coverage acquired over the history of the account

Working within the link analysis tools of Kerboo you can quickly identify where the risks and patterns lie in the backlink profile and move efficiently to create a disavow file. By creating a disavow file you can tell Google what links you no longer want to count towards ranking and therefore insure yourself from the build up of a dangerous amount of bad links.

If you have an existing disavow file you can upload that directly to Kerboo and we will parse it in the same way Google does, you can then trim or add to it within Kerboo before exporting a new updated version.

Two industry recognised link metrics

At Kerboo we don’t just mash up someone else’s data and pretend it provides value, we work hard to create and maintain our own metrics backed by some serious maths and an ocean of data. We have two main metrics, LinkRisk and LinkValue.

LinkRisk aims to describe the risk any link might pose in contributing to a build up that could mean Google applies a manual action link penalty against your site.

LinkValue is designed to show the actual value a link may pass. This takes advantage of all the data that Kerboo has built up over the last 5 years and allows you to ‘see behind the curtain’ at what links still count and what Google probably now ignores.

We combine our high level of experience in links as a signal and employ our very own maths PHD who turns this knowledge into the two metrics.

Software or consultancy

Many of our customers choose to self serve and subscribe to Kerboo as a SaaS product. Utilising our backlink audit software and metrics your team can quickly get a grip of any link related issues or opportunities.

If resources are tight or you lack enough experience to get the job done well we have an experienced team who can take on any link related project for you. It doesnt matter how big or small the profile is.

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